-by Hal Lindsey

Last May, the Department of Homeland Security issued a memo that contained information from a “proven credible confidential source” in Mexico. The intel described a new operation by several Mexican drug cartels in which they were sending a team of snipers into the United States to use lethal force against bandits who were robbing their drug smugglers.

The DHS memo also noted that the cartels had “23 scout locations with rolling encryption” along a route in southern Arizona known as the Vekol Valley. That smuggling route extends from Mexico northward across Interstate 8 to Phoenix. The area has gotten so dangerous that the Bureau of Land Management has posted signs along the US Interstate 8 highway warning American travelers of the danger from alien and drug smugglers.

However, a news organization recently got hold of the memo and published it. When asked, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu confirmed that the DHS has sent the memo to his office along with many others in southern Arizona. Apparently, the Department of Homeland Security then realized that its own memo confirming the seriousness of the situation along the border could be quite embarrassing to the Administration, which denies that there is a crisis along the border with Mexico. So DHS disavowed the memo. But too many people had copies of it, so the Department’s spokesman then announced that the “information proved to be inaccurate.” He also said that the DHS didn’t have any “specific, credible information on intra-cartel violence taking place in Arizona.” I suppose he overlooked the fact that Phoenix is now the Kidnap Capital of America and almost all of it is “intra-cartel violence taking place in Arizona.”

Further, every other piece of information contained in the DHS memo has proven accurate, so why not believe the most important part? It makes me want to ask DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, “Were you lying then or are you lying now?”

[EDITOR’S NOTE- Shouldn’t Homeland Security PROTECT us from the threat rather than tell us to avoid it?]