-By Hal Lindsey

Iran went on the offensive after its industrial infrastructure was infected by the ‘Stuxnet’ computer worm. Though the Iranian government accused “the enemy,” it did not name any specific nation or nationalities. Instead, Iran’s security services arrested dozens of ‘cyberspies’ at the Bushehr, Natanz, Isfahan nuclear facilities and also in Tehran.

Particular attention has been paid to the many Russian scientists, technicians, and engineers who are in Iran building the nuclear plants and putting them on-line.

However, many assume that Israel is responsible for creating the worm and planting it. Independent computer security experts think they may have found further proof of that involvement. An interesting file labeled “Myrtus” has been found in the Stuxnet code. Many are speculating that the label is an obscure reference to the Biblical Book of Esther. That book details the story of how the Jews foiled a Persian plot against them.

As a clue, it’s too obvious. As a taunt, it’s priceless.