-by Hal Lindsey

By now, most of you know that National Public Radio (NPR) news analyst Juan Williams, who is also a contributor to Fox News, was abruptly fired by NPR. He was apparently dismissed by the taxpayer-supported radio network because he expressed an “opinion” (which, oddly enough, is precisely the job of a ‘news analyst,’ isn’t it?) on “The O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Network.

In the video below, see the ‘opinions’ some other NPR personalities have expressed about Christians in the past — opinions that are authentically disgusting and outrageous.  Yet they weren’t fired.  So what made Mr. Williams’ ‘opinion’ so much worse that he merited dismissal?  One word: Islam.

The trademarked slogan for Las Vegas is “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” I’ll bet you probably feel a little like that about your church. You may feel like you can let your guard down a little when you’re there since you’re among friends and others who believe like you and live their lives like you.

Well, I’m sure that’s how a young, single Christian lady from Grand Rapids, Michigan, felt, too. In fact, she felt so comfortable in her church that when she decided she wanted to find a roommate to share her house, her church is where she looked. She posted a notice on the church bulletin board that she was searching for a Christian roommate. Mistake. Especially in Michigan where the government dictates tolerance.

You guessed it. Someone from this young woman’s church took down the notice and turned it in to the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan. They passed it on to the Michigan Department of Civil Rights and now this woman is facing the possibility of fines and ‘re-education’ at a government-mandated ‘fair housing training seminar.’ Her crime? She advertised for a “Christian” roommate.

Frankly, I’m furious at the ignorant stupidity of imbecilic laws (and legislators) like this. But, folks, this is not “The Twilight Zone.” This is reality. This is happening in America. And it may have already happened in your state and you just have not run afoul of that law yet. Trust me, it won’t get any better unless we citizens do something about it. More in the video…