[Excerpted from Hal Lindsey’s email letter of 9-23-2011]

PA President Mahmoud Abbas wants the United Nations to formally recognize Palestine as an independent state with borders based on a UN resolution passed 64 years ago! It’s a resolution the Jews accepted back in 1947, but the Arabs rejected!

Abbas has been adamant in his determination to submit a formal request to the Security Council. The PA says it will also ask the General Assembly to extend recognition. That will be a slam dunk there, since the majority of nations are Muslim or Muslim-sympathetic. Observers expect about 130 of the 191 members will vote in favor of the Palestinian state.

Of course, the GA carries no legal weight. Only Security Council votes bear the authority of international law. But recognition by the General Assembly will still complicate things immeasurably for Israel. The US has announced it will veto the request at the Security Council and President Obama essentially confirmed that in his speech to the UN on Wednesday.

But whether or not the Palestinian Authority actually carries through with its threat at this session, all of this just goes to show that the world is growing ever closer to forcing Israel to accept a failed terrorist state within its borders. The events of the last few weeks illustrate perfectly what the ancient prophets predicted: in the last days the entire world will line up against Israel.

Israel’s legitimacy as a modern nation is rooted in the same League of Nations actions, taken decades earlier, that provide legitimacy for Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Kuwait, and other Arab nations in the Middle East…. The bottom line is if those nations are legitimate, then so is Israel. If Israel has no legitimacy as a nation, then neither do the other nations of the Middle East. You can’t have it both ways.