There are..some big changes on the horizon that may cause things to never be the same again! I’m referring to recent major discoveries of natural gas and oil deposits in Israel and off its coastline. These documented discoveries are turning out to be so huge that many are speculating that not only can Israel guarantee its energy independence for decades, it may actually become a net energy exporter.

Some experts predict that Israel may possess enough natural gas that it could relieve Europe of its dependence on Russia as its major gas supplier. In fact, Greece is already proposing an agreement to make it the hub through which those supplies will flow to Europe.

Other knowledgeable sources speculate that Israel possesses the third largest reserve of oil shale deposits in the world, behind only America and China. They say it will rival Saudi Arabia’s reserves. Up to now, though, oil obtained from shale rock has been expensive to recover and the whole process considered ecologically dirty. What’s more, the recovery consumes vast amounts of water, an expensive and increasingly rare commodity. However, the Israelis are developing a new process to recover shale oil that is neither dirty nor as expensive as current methods. It takes place a thousand feet underground and actually produces water rather than consumes it!

If they’re successful, not only can they mine their own vast reserves, but they can make the technology available for Western nations to use. This would break the back of the Arab nations’ stranglehold on the world oil market. Dore Gold, former Israeli Ambassador to the UN, said that the effect of the spread of this technology would be to “shift the center of gravity of world oil away from Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the Persian Gulf to more stable states that have no history of backing terrorism or radical Islamic causes.”

The last 90 days have made painfully clear to the West that the Muslim oil-supplier states that were previously volatile and undependable (and didn’t hesitate to commit extortion with their oil), are now even more so. You can bet that if a Western-oriented, stable nation were to suddenly be able to supply those same energy products, the West, particularly Europe, would be knocking on their door tomorrow.

All of a sudden, Ezekiel’s description of Israel in the last days as a people who “have acquired land and wealth and who live at the center of the world” takes on new meaning! Isn’t it exciting to see prophecy unfolding before us at breakneck speed?

(This article is in the last half of the Hal Lindsey Report dated April 15, 2011)