-By Hal Lindsey

America is facing a threat that is beginning to take its toll. It’s a little like the growth of a deadly mold in your home. You never know it’s there until you begin to feel its effects in your body. And it can be lethal. If you don’t attack it with resolve, it might kill you. … That describes the insidious enemy we’re facing today here in the United States. “Political Correctness” the paralyzing fear of what others may think. It prevents us from acting in our own best interest.

On this week’s edition of “The Hal Lindsey Report,” I’ll discuss four recent stories that perfectly illustrate this immense danger facing America. The suffocating paralysis induced by political correctness opens the door to our own self-destruction, especially when confronting the threat posed by radical Islam.

Is it already too late? The Bible describes this condition very explicitly in the prophets’ discussion of the last days. Friends, America is in crisis. We can no longer just treat the symptoms, we must deal with the infection itself. It will be painful, exasperating, and perhaps frightening, but we must eliminate this insidious killer before it irreversibly cripples us. I do believe, however, that the Bible offers a remedy. Please watch the Hal Lindsey Report here.